Our Heroes

Elsie Cummings

Elsie and her father moved to beat city when her mother died. She lived in the country, and now feels out of place in the big city. The one aspect that she finds excitement in is graffiti that shows up on the walls of the city at night. Elsie believes in a future where she has the potential to become her full self. She has a hard time accepting love.

Benjamin Freemon

Benjamin, Known as Ben, has been hitting the streets with graffiti since he was eight years old. He is calm and collected when under pressure, as he’s had to dig himself out of trouble many times. He fancies himself a philosopher. He has a seceret crush on Elsie, but is never going to let her know if he can help it.

Anne Wilde

An orphan from before she can remember, Anne ran away from the kid’s shelter. She figured she could take care of herself better than the people who were doing it professionally. But just because she’s an orphan, she believes that she deserves all the things kids get. But try to get in her way, and you won’t be able to control her. Look, she’s just better than you. Okay?


Sam Simmons

Sam is the CEO of Boggle. He’s the latest in a long line of family members to run the large corporation, and to be in control of all aspects of the city. Sam is cold and calculating, filled with a quiet and persistent hatred of all the people he sees as “beneath him.” He only cares about public opinion when it effects his company’s bottom line.

Johnny Law

Johnny Law is the chief of the Beat City police department. He grew up on the streets and was bullied as a child. Now he sees it as his duty to harass (and arrest) trouble-makers. Johnny is always angry, which has a way of making him get in his own way. He’s the bumbling bad guy. He has a particular vendetta against the vandals who proliferate graffiti.